Saturday, October 4, 2008

Food for Thought

Before reading this article, I have never thought about that but actually, after thinking a little more about this, I agree.
The way we eat can tell us a lot about what we are and how we behave, and it is true personnaly but also for a society.
The food is one of the factor in integration. When you are in a foreign country, for vacation, for studying or business, the food will be a factor that we determine of you enjoy or not the country.
That is true and I made the experience. When I came in the US, at the beginning, I couldn't support eating americain food, and obviously I didn't want to stay there. After few months, I found my marks and I feel great in my "new country".

Each culture has a different gastronomy and it can tell a lot about the believes and behaviors.
In Northe Africa, all dishes are only one. It means that everybody share in the same plate during the dinner. In France, Meal is synonymous of pleasure, we don't eat to survive, we eat to have pleasure and usually with all the family. It is a great ocassion to spend time with the family. In the US, there are no rules. Everyone eat when he wants, where and what he wants. 
This three types of way of eating is really significant. 
North Africain are more close, sharing all they have, French are more individualists but like being together, with friends and family. Americans are different, free to do what they want.

It is difficult toi juggle with different culture but it teach you to be more tolerant, respectful and that's maybe the way that we will all live in peace.
A kind of utopian?

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