Monday, October 20, 2008

Story of stuff

I watched a very interested video on line that you can see here 
It is about all the system of production and consumption of goods, from the scratch (the ressources of our planet) until the end (the consumption, recycling or incineration).
At the first look, it sounds pretty much true but when I saw it again I though that everything she said describes only pessimistics facts.
She is right, the current system destroyed our planet but how about all these jobs and the economy which allow people to live and eat.
The debate is a huge one and we have to rethink the all system. And not only in the US but all over the world. Hoe can we use our ressources in a better way, allowing renewable ressources, with provide jobs and happiness? Big deal uh!
I don't have the answer but she proposes some issues at the end like substainability and equity but in my opinion it is not enough.
I mean that people won't be ok to live their job to save the planet and starving just because people consume less and then we don't need to produce more goods.
We will have to start from the scratch, the basis : EDUCATION.
Teach people how to consume and how to respect what the planet offers to us.
That is what we forgot to do before creating the materials economy.
France is not very different from the USA. We consume less but we still consume a lot. However, a recent study show that 25% of the consumers goods are faire trade adn ecologic, that means that there is a demand for this king of product.
This video won't influence my consumption habits because sometimes, you have no choices to shop in a store which provide cheap goods from the other side of the planet. It is still a question of income. Lots of people can't afford to pay for better goods because they still are more expensive.
The connection with the global warming is clear. Because we have more access to products, we consume a lot, then industry creates dioxin and when we finish to consume, we put them on the trash which also create carbone dioxyde (non recycling products are incinerate and!). then, we have pollution on the both side : production and consumption.

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Alyssa R. said...

I think you bring up a really good point about this video - it's pretty biased! And true - globalization and the production of goods has produced a lot of jobs and improved the lives of some people. I wonder if it will ever be possible to really balance a healthy environment with fair wages and living standards for ALL.