Saturday, October 25, 2008

Facebook in the crowd

Almost everybody "is on Facebook" or at least, heard about it.
I feel very interested in this topic because it shows new sociological issues about our generation.
The role of Facebook, which was only a social network, has taken huge proportion today.
I read about a story of a young intern in a bank in London, asking to his boss if he can miss friday because one of his relatives died. His boss, suscpicious, check on facebook, finding some pictures showing his young intern, drunk and dress like a girl, when he was supposed to be in a mourning.
Facebook is fantastic because you can easily keep in touch with all your friends (even if a huge part can't be considered as friends) but it can also be dangerous.
It is a kind of spying and you can become crazy, for example, if you have a guy that you like on your friends and check his profile every 2 hours.

However, most of them like that. Me, I hate when people update every 3 hours their comment profile, telling their life. That's just too much.

I use facebook to share pictures with my friends in France, it is easy.
But I am always very interested to know story about facebook, then I found this article.
The certainly very common story about a guy who has almost 700 friends on Facebook and try to create an "event" and only one person came.
Pathetic but so true because it shows that facebook is only a facade, and there is nothing else than real contact with friends.


Daglys said...

That article is really interesting and your comment too. First, poor man he had to be alone all the night but what he did is like a blind date so he should have not waited for many people to go to his party. Second, I like Facebook a lot. I use it to keep in touch with my friends in Honduras and to share my pictures with my family. When I was in Honduras, I didn't use it frequently. The most was to share pictures, but since I'm here in the US, I log in every day. And it's embarrassed to me to say but I update my status almost every day too. I started to do that as a joke because I noticed that most of the American "friends" that I had in my list updated their status frequently. I really surprised read status like "John is taking a shower" or "Mary is cleaning up her room". I thought if they are doing those things how can they are using facebook at the same time?. But right now I'm part of those people because I have written on my status things like "Daglys is doing his topic in the media homework"

nguyen said...

I think facebook or blog nowadays become more and more popular, especially to our generation as Melanie said. It's such a convenient way to keep in touch with your friends and everybody. I like blog, too. But i don't like people who post their everyday life activities detailly on their blog because i think it's baloney. I would like to use blog in order to share my pictures, or show the slogan about some important events.

Ranganath said...

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