Saturday, November 1, 2008

I found this article about the dissappearing of bees in the US.
That's a very interesting article because it explains us that we discovered that bees ar disappearing but we still don't know why. However, the problem has a name: Colony Collapse Disorder. And it has a real impact on the earth life because bees contribute of the pollination, balance of the ecology.
It is also interesting to see that this problem concerns only one specie of bees: The honeybees. The 1500 others species of bees in the US are not concerned by that.
Mnay theories try to explain and give the reasons of the phenomena but nothing was prove. Some survey was conducted about that and scientific made severals hypothesis. "pathogens; deadly mites; lack of genetic diversity in the bees; widespread pesticide use and even urban sprawl that spreads homes and streets across wild fields of clover, alfalfa and flowers, all sources of bee food."
In this case, it hard to find a solution to a prob;em if we don't know the cause. I really hope they will figure out very soon.


Alyssa R. said...

It is really difficult to know how to stop something if you don't know the exact cause. I wonder if there are any precautions we could take to protect the honeybees? Did the article mention any ideas?

Woo said...


Nice article!
How can we eat honey without bees? We have to save bees in order to eat honey...

Abdu said...

It is a strange phenomena, why only the honeybees? I expect a rise in the honey price in next spring. More research should be conducted immediately in order to determine the cause of this problem.