Friday, November 7, 2008

The Air Pollution by the WHO

I read this article about the air pollution. It is about a the terrific consequences of the air pollution on health according to a research made by the World Health Organization. It shows that the air pollution around the world causes 2 millions premature death each year. How? With diseases such as respiratory infection, heart disease and lung cancer.
Air pollution has not only bad effects on the global warming and the environment but also on the health of humans. We destroy our planet but we also kill our chances to live longer and in good health.
The Who provides a new guidelines with stronger rules about protection of air and this, in order to reduce about 15 percent the number of death per year.
Scary when you just naively walk outside to go to work.
Let's see if countries will follow the new guidelines.


Woo said...

Hi, Melanie. Good job!!
You found a very useful article. I think that the air pollution is one of the most serious problems all over the world.

We should more care about the air pollution than other things becasue it is effected to human's health directly. And, I know the global warming is from the air pollution. In these days, global warming is very serious problem for the world.

Ok, let's talk about more detail in our class. See you.

Abdu said...

It is an interesting issue. Some big companies in developed countries moved their factories to developing countries that have less restriction on pollution. But at the end all plant will be affected because pollution does not need a passport to travel.