Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yes we can!

I read this article from the WWF, one of the most famous organization for the environment. 
They propose different easy and quick steps to help to reduce the global warming. That's is really interesting because these are some easy stuffs that we can do in our everyday life. It doesn't cost any money or time.... just good sense.
The first idea is to reduce the energy consumption, like checking the lights, thermostat for heater and water to avoid spoiling. You can also turn off the appliances when you don't use them.
In a second time, they give us some other advices to allow the reduce of emission like using public transportation, or plan, combine trips to drive more efficiently. Some of these solutions can cost money in the short term but if you see to the long term it is a great deal. For example, insulate your house can appear expensive a the beginning but it will allow you to spend less money in the energy consumption at least.  You can also switch to green power with low or no routine emission of carbon dioxide.

These are some solutions, ideas, easy and fast to reduce the destruction of our planet. Don't think about it, just do it!


Abdu said...
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Abdu said...

Easy forward steps. Good job Melanie. I found an article about replacing the normal light bulbs with fluorescent based light bulbs. According to the article (http://protectingourenvironment.com/advantages-of-compact-fluorescent-light-bulbs/) you can save hundreds of Dollars a year by just by this replacement, and in the same time contribute to the environment protection by eliminate tons of green house gases. However, they still they are still difficult to dispose of because of the mercury inside the bulb.

Woo said...

Good job, Melanie!
Yeah, it's very easy to do it. We can care about our environment using easy But, the problem is that just few people concentrate on this small working. Most people can ignore easily that stuffs. So, we should more concentrate on small things to reduce the global warming futhermore our environment.