Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I read or rather, watched this audio video story about high school students who chose to go on a summer campus to train like militaries.
They train all day, managed by true militaries.
The audio file presents different stories of students who explain why they chose to do that and their feelings about patriotism and how it is important for them to serve their country.
The pictures describe different activities, like shots gun or physical training.
However, the students are very often presented laughing and smiling.
This photostory is effective with both audio and pictures. I am not convinced that only pictures could have the same effect without the audio file.
The pictures are, for most of them, some portraits of students with dirty on their faces and doing the activities.

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Alyssa R. said...

The audio definitely brings these photos to life. The Reuters photostories are more difficult for me to follow because there's a lot of text on the side and there's the audio - it's just too much for me to pay attention to!